Price list



Horse-back riding lesson - only for advanced rider


  • riding lesson with one coach and more riders
  • Horse-back riding lesson lasts altogether 60 minutes
  • These situations might happen:
    •  In case the horse is still in the stable, it’ll take you 20 minutes to prepare it and the riding itself will take 40 minutes
    •  In case you attend a lesson in which you change with the previous rider, you’ll spend 60 minutes on the horse
    •  In case you attend the last lesson, you ride 45 minutes and then you have to take the horse home and clean it. This will take you approximately 15 minutes
  • There’s always a trainer present
  • The maximum number of riders is 6 in one lesson
  • There are also club members present during the training who help the trainer


Horse-back riding course (11 x 1 lesson) - only for advanced rider


  • riding lesson with one coach and more riders
  • Under the term course we understand 11 lessons bought at once
  • The advantage of buying a course is one bonus lesson for free
  • You have to finish the course in six months from buying it
  • In case of serious reasons it is possible to prolong this voucher to one year
  • The rider gets a paper card (pre-paid voucher) with 11 fields
  • The card will be issued by the trainer after confirming the received payment to our account or after paying to the trainer in cash in person
  • You have to have this card with you every lesson. Instead of paying, the trainer crosses out a field in the card according to the number of taken lessons





Horse-back riding course - Individual training (1  lessons) - for all riders (beginner or advanced)


  • In this case we always speak about 1-hour training
  • The rider itself sets the time of the training
  • Reservation under +421 917 066238 or:


Kids‘ camps by horses - for all riders


  • We offer spring and summer camps for children aged 8-16 years
  • The camp lasts 5 days (from Monday to Friday)
  • In this case we speak about daily camps from 8:00 to 16:30


Leading children on the horse-back at different events


  • 1 hour of leading kids on the horse
  • The price includes the horse and an accompanying person
  •  In case of bringing the horse to the place of the event by the horse trailer, the price is by at least 67€ higher (according to the distance)


Membership I (1 month)


  • A member can ride up to 10 lessons a month
  • obligation to help in the club






Absence from the lesson

If it is not any more possible to cancel your reservation in the system, you can call the trainer or send her a text message (+421 917066238). In this case, it is not considered a cancellation but an apology. Every case is evaluated individually and we decide if this apology is relevant to cancel the lesson. If you do not come to the lesson at all, it is considered taken and must be reimbursed.



  • Schedule

There are riding lessons throughout the year, even in winter and when the weather is bad. If the weather is too bad to ride, the lessons are cancelled and you will be informed about it by the system. If you are not sure whether there is a lesson or not, you can ask under the phone number +421 917 066238. As we ride outside, you have to wear appropriate clothes.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 15:00 to 18:00 (public lessons)

  • Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 (public lessons)

  • Tuesday from 15:00 to 18:00 (members) – jumping preparation

  • Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00 (members) - jumping preparation

    We reserve the right to change the time of horse-back riding lessons during public holidays. All registered riders will be automatically informed about this change from the system.

    You can make a reservation on-line under: on-line: . You can register and then make a reservation of the lesson.

    You can come any time and have a look at our lesson to have some picture how our horse-back riding lesson looks like.




  • Občianske združenie Do Sedla

    Areál Dostihového závodiska v Petržalke (Horse races venue in Petrzalka)

    Starohájska 29, 852 69 Bratislava

    IČO: 42180589, DIČ 2023106954

    GPS: 48.112747, 17.127024

    Andrea Morávková
    0917 066238